Nassau County DWI Cases and Probable Cause to Stop
      I have attached a link that every person that lives in Nassau County should read. It concerns Nassau County Police Department Officer Lynch, and an internal investigation regarding his practices when it comes to stopping and arresting individuals suspected of DWI. Actually, if you read the report you will find that there usually was not probable cause to stop the motorists in the first instance, and that the allegations against the Defendant’s seem to have been manufactured to justify an unlawful investigation. This report should be seen by every juror and tax-payer in Nassau County and throughout the state of New York. It confirms what defense attorney’s have been saying for years, that police officers should be given no more credibility then an average citizen when it comes to testimony in a trial. Police officers can and do lie in order to obtain convictions. It is very easy for a Police officer with years of experience and on the job training to exaggerate and even manufacture allegations in order to secure a conviction.
       Think about it, if I wanted to convince a jury that you were intoxicated what would I say, what do the police say. They are trained to say and do say, “When I pulled over the motorist I observed the following”
  • A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the defendant’s breath.
  • Glassy bloodshot eyes.
  • Slurred speech.
  • The defendant was unsteady on his/her feet.
  • Fumbled with his/her driver’s license, or gave the wrong documents.
  • Failed all Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.
  • The list goes on and on….
        Mind you, not every motorist alleged to have committed the offense of DWI displays every sign of intoxication. However, if you sit on a jury in Nassau or Suffolk County in all likelihood you will hear all the items listed above and more. But when you do keep in mind that Police can lie and exaggerate just like any other witness. If you ever sit on a Jury and feel that the officer is exaggerating/lying you should vote to dismiss. A conviction should never stand on the shoulders of perjured testimony no matter how slight.
       As for Officer Lynch, he is still working as a police officer in Nassau County, and both you and I are paying his salary and benefits.
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