Nassau County Attorney Launches Website Dedicated to Educate Residents About the Dangers and Legal Ramifications of Driving While Impaired by Alcohol and Drugs.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 15, 2011 – The Law Offices of David Galison, P.C. announced the launch of their new website at This new website answers the most common questions that someone facing DWI charges in New York State could have. How cases are processed, what police can do and how prosecutors look at these cases.The firm focuses in Criminal Defense, DWI Defense and Traffic Ticket Defense. Located at 1539 Franklin Avenue in Mineola, the firm serves Nassau, Suffolk and Queens County, New York. The user-friendly site offers information about the firm’s practice areas and attorney, as well as industry information and news.
“The New York State laws concerning DWI and DWU can be complex and sometimes confusing, and they can severely diminish both your freedom and finances,” says David Galisonmanaging partner of the Law Office of David Galison . He goes on to say that,An arrest and conviction for DWI can affect the rest of your life. With such serious consequences on the line, every client needs personalized attention.” The new website is designed for Nassau County drivers facing drunk driving charges and explains what onecan expect to confront by these serious charges and what someone needs to know to better protect themselves
Topics covered on the DWI site include:
    Nassau County DWI;
    DWI v. DUA;
    Drug Impairment;
    DWI & DUA Penalties;
    License Suspension;
    Possible Jail Time;
    Vehicle Forfeiture Law;
    Other DWI Penalties;
    NY State DWI Penalty Chart.
The site is an effort to take the Law Office of David Galison, P.C. to the next level in terms of technology. It is a great source of information for clients and those simply requiring concise information. The law firm worked closely with a creative services firm located in Point Lookout, NY to design and build the site.
Visitors to the site can read about the company’s history and services, as well as access news, events and resources within the legal industry.  
For more information, visit, or contact David Galison at 516-424-4477 or by email to
About The Law Office of David Galison, P.C.:
At the Law Office of David Galison, P.C., it is understood that an arrest and conviction for any crime can affect the rest of your life. With such serious consequences on the line, every client receives personalized attention. Clients are kept fully informed of their case’s progress and actively participate in their defense throughout all stages of the proceedings. It is the personal service that David Galison, P.C. provides to the client that sets the office apart from other law firms.