Over the past several months I have received numerous phone calls regarding the Nassau County Crime Lab closure and it’s impact upon those who are currently fighting their DWI cases and those who are looking to re-open their cases. It has been my position that every effort should be made to challenge the results of all the breath testing equipment utilized by the police as the results are highly questionable in light of the disclosures concerning the now closed crime lab. How will the Nassau County Judiciary rule on cases in which the breath testing results are called into question. The answer at this time is unknown, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Judge Sharon M.J. Gianelli* will be conducting hearings in the Nassau County District Court in the coming weeks dealing with the issues raised by the crime labs closure. The results of Judge Gianelli’s ruling will undoubtedly have a major impact upon how DWI cases are litigated in Nassau County and could open the floodgates to motions to set aside verdicts. Judge Gianelli is one of the most respected Judges in the Courthouse by both defense counsel and the prosecution. I have attached a copy of Judge Gianelli’s decision below but have redacted the name of the Defendant because I do not believe it is proper to publish it.