I was recently asked to speak at the St. John’s University School of Law, Frank S. Polestino Trial Advocacy Institute, in connection with the J. Walter McKenna Forum on Changing Gun Laws in New York: Prevention Versus Protection.
The event was hosted by Corrine Fisk and co-paneled by Nicholas Scotti of the New York City Police Department and by Francesco Catarisano, Esq., a Bureau Chief in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office.
My fellow panelists were extremely knowledgeable about the gun laws in the state of New York and the night provided for an excellent discussion regarding the current gun laws in effect and what impact if any would be achieved by further revisions. It was a pleasure being placed on the panel with both Mr. Scotti and Mr. Catarisano both of whom were excellent speakers and shared many insights and personal experiences.
I thoroughly enjoyed the forum and would like to thank St. John’s University School of Law for inviting me to speak. Many people know that my office handles traffic violations such as speeding tickets and DWI cases, but most are unaware of the fact that I handle felony gun charges as well. At law office of David Galison, P.C., all criminal charges both felony and misdemeanors are rigorously defended.