140 MPH Race On The Long Island Expressway

Can You Say Traffic Ticket

Two motorists who were allegedly racing each other on the Long Island Expressway yesterday reached speeds of over 140 mph just before they crashed their vehicles in Suffolk County. One of the vehicles burst into flames upon impact when it a collided with a gas pump at a Gulf station in Islandia. Remarkably only one person was injured in the incident.

The drivers are facing the following charges:

  • ·      Unlawful speed contest
  • ·      Reckless endangerment
  • ·      Reckless driving
  • ·      Criminal mischief
  • ·      Unlawful fleeing of a police officer
  • ·      Speeding


In Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties speed contests are prosecuted harshly. Often times as in the case above motorists engaging in speed contests are prosecuted under both the penal law and the vehicle and traffic law. In addition to fines, state surcharges, drivers responsibility assessment act liability, possible license suspension or revocation, and points on their DMV abstract the motorist are facing significant jail time.  In addition the ability to drive in the future will be hampered by the cost of increased insurance premiums if an auto insurance carrier will even agree to insure them.

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